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Getting a Criminal Record Check

Criminal record check information & FAQ’s

Who needs a criminal record check? (CRC)

If you are a Canadian or international Practitioner Associate-Interim, Practitioner Associate, Supervisor, Trainer, Master Trainer or Fellow level member, you need to keep a valid Criminal Record Check on file with OG Canada as part of your requirement of being a member-in-good-standing.

What types of criminal record checks does OG Canada accept?

A local police / RCMP Police Information check that contains a Vulnerable Sector Check. A BC CRRP Ministry of Justice Criminal Record check, which contains a check for vulnerable adults and children. For existing OG Canada members with a Vulnerable Sector Check on file with us, we will also accept enhanced Criminal Record Checks from our online secure provider. Please note: We are required to expire ALL criminal record checks 3 years after their issue date, regardless of any written expiry date on the criminal record check.

How do I get a criminal record check?

If you work in a school in BC you may already have a Ministry of Justice CRRP check. In this case, please check the expiry date on it, and if it is less than 3 years old email it to us.

If you are an EXISTING OG Canada member, we already have a Vulnerable Sector Check on file for you. You may apply for an enhanced Criminal Record Check through our online provider. Please contact us for more information.

If you need to get a local police or RCMP criminal record check follow the steps in our infographic. 

Vulnerable sector check letter

If you are a current member - log in to the members homepage to download the editable vulnerable sector request letter yourself. New applicants - please request a vulnerable sector letter by clicking here.

Why do I need a vulnerable sector check?

The vulnerable sector check is a check of an extra database. This check is required by law for people who work with children and vulnerable adults. Unfortunately without having this check included in your CRC we can not accept it, so please don’t forget to ask for it when you apply to your police station.

This is a Canadian-only registry. International applicants do not need a vulnerable sector check.

Criminal Record Check Policy

For full detail on OG Canada requirements please read our CRC Policy.

How much does a CRC cost?

Local police forces set their own costs for criminal record checks. Costs vary and can be anywhere from free to over $100. Once you have a CRC with a vulnerable sector check on file with us, you can renew your CRC through our online system which is very affordable.

My CRC says that it has a 5 year validity.

Our insurer has set the expiry for all OG Canada criminal record checks at 3 years. All the RCMP / Local police checks already have a 3 year validity. This seems to be the way the industry is going.

I live overseas, what kind of CRC do I need to submit?

Submit a local police criminal record check.

Don’t worry about the vulnerable sector check. This is a Canadian only database. Your criminal record check will be given a 3 year expiry by OG Canada also.

I’ve been told I need to get a fingerprint check - what happened?

Don’t panic! This happens.

When a vulnerable sector check is conducted, Your name, date of birth and gender are used as search criteria.

If there is a match in the database that is similar to your information then you will be asked to do a fingerprint check to confirm definitively that you are a different person from the existing name on the database.

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