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Membership Renewal

Renewing Your Membership:

Our renewals season starts February 1 and ends March 1 annually. All practising memberships* renew annually. Our online renewal portal opens on February 1 and closes on March 1 of each year. Members are sent reminders by email to complete their documentation and to renew during this time.

*Practising membership levels are: Practitioner Associate-Interim, Practitioner Associate, Supervisor, Trainer, Master Trainer, Fellow

For more information on renewals, review our Renewals Policy here.

Renew now to stay connected with the CANADIAN Orton Gillingham Community.

Benefits of OG Canada Membership:

  • Network with CANADIAN OG Practitioners. 
  • General Liability & Abuse Insurance INCLUDED 
  • Discounts to exclusive Professional Development opportunities. 
  • Customizable listing on our Members Only directory. 
  • Access to Members Only Community Meet-Up groups. 
  • Access to Members Only CANADIAN resources on our website. 
  • Access to our Members Only Newsletter.

Membership Fees:

OG Canada Supporters and Classroom Educators pay a one-time fee during the application process. Those members are not required to renew their memberships annually.

  • Supporter: $50 (One-time fee) 
  • Classroom Educator: $50 (One-time fee) 
  • New Practitioner Associate-Interim Member: $50 + $165 prorated. (Rises to $50 +$175 as of March 1, 2024
  • New International Practitioner Associate-Interim Member: $50 + $65 prorated. 
  • Equivalent Stream Application: $50 (application) + $165 (observation) *Observation fee will rise to $175 as of March 1, 2024.
  • Practitioner Associate & Practitioner Associate-Interim Renewal: $175. 
  • International Practitioner Associate & Practitioner Associate-Interim Renewal: $65 (Does not include insurance)

Easy Renewals

Follow the steps listed on this page to ensure your renewal is easy and convenient. Before you are ready to renew, complete and review the following:

Code of ethics

You are required to annually agree to the code of ethics. Please review before renewing.

View code of ethics

Abuse Prevention Training

As a requirement of our insurer, practising members must take annual abuse prevention training. This comes in the form of an online course that you can take in the comfort of your own home.

Practising members must take full training every two years. They must take refresher training the year after they took the full training.

Please schedule some time to take the appropriate course for you. The links below take you to our online learning platform. If you use a consistent login you will see all the online pro-d you have enrolled through with us. If you encounter an issue logging in, please contact

If you are a new member who joined after September 1 the abuse training that you took upon joining will remain valid until February next year. Select ‘Full Training’ in the renewals form.

Download the Abuse Policy

Which training should I take?

If you did not take the full training in the past year, take the full training. You have two options for taking the full training.

  1. Take the online training (approximately 1 hr) 
  2. Read the Abuse Policy in full.

Abuse Prevention Online Training

If you took the full training in the past year you may take the refresher training. Time to complete - less than 30 minutes.


Professional Development

The new professional development policy is now in effect.

All practising members are asked to calculate the professional development credit total they have completed throughout the year. A Pro-D tracking spreadsheet has been provided to assist members in calculating their credit totals. Please use either our spreadsheet or your own methods to create a personal Pro-D RECORD containing the detail of your professional development from this year.

You ONLY need to submit your total hours of Pro-D at renewal. Keep your Pro-D record for your records only. Each year, after renewals, a sample of members will be asked to share their Pro-D records for the previous year for informational purposes.




Now you are ready to process your renewal by logging into your profile on our Members Only website.

  • On your profile page, scroll down till you see the blue ‘RENEW’ button.
  • Click the button.
  • Complete the form. You will need to put an answer next to every box with an *asterisk next to it or the system will ask you to try again.
  • Select the ‘UPDATE AND NEXT’ button. 
  • Choose your payment method and pay. We accept credit cards, eTransfer to, or a clearly labelled cheque to 139-1917 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Please complete your renewal by the March 1 deadline.


That’s it. You’re done.

Thank you for your continued support.

We hope to delight you with our exciting Professional Development offerings and support you with our local community meet-up groups this year…We’ve got our fingers crossed that teaching will return somewhat to normal too.

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