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Training & Accreditation with OG Canada

OG Training is provided by our accredited trainers. Once complete, apply to become an OG Canada accredited member.

Accreditation Benefits:

  • Connection to the Canadian Professional Orton Gillingham & Structured Literacy community. 
  • Receive Members Only newsletter. 
  • Discounted access to events. 
  • Access to Members Only teaching resources. 
  • Practitioner-Associate Interim mentoring program supports those new to the field. 
  • Local Member Meetup Groups provide hyperlocal support to OG Practitioners and Educators across Canada. 
  • General Liability and Abuse insurance coverage for all Practitioner Level members resident in Canada.

How to train and accredit.

Choose from two pathways to target the type of OG you will practise.

Other options for OG Canada accreditation and membership:

You have taken Orton Gillingham Practitioner training elsewhere.

Stream B Application

If you already hold Orton-Gillingham accreditation or have completed your training and practicum through another accrediting body, you may apply to OG Canada through the Stream B application pathway.

The Stream B pathway allows for an individualised review of your credentials and qualifications.

You will be asked to complete a probation period, provide evidence of your training, meet with our board members, and submit a recorded Orton-Gillingham session.

If your training meets our standards you will be placed in the academy at Supporter, Classroom Educator, Practitioner Associate-Interim, Practitioner Associate, Supervisor, Trainer-Interim level depending on your training and experience.

Application through the Stream B program is outlined in our Practitioner Application policy.

You live outside of Canada.

International Membership

Applicants from outside of Canada are welcome in OG Canada. As an international member you will have access to all the resources on our website, through our newsletter and you may attend our virtual professional development either on the day, or any time for 2 weeks after using the recorded link that is provided.

Supporter and Classroom Educator members apply through the same process as domestic applicants.

Practitioner level members are not covered by our insurance, so pay lower annual dues.

For more information:

For full detail on membership levels, please review our membership level policy.

For specific detail on Practitioner Associate-Interim requirements see Practitioner Associate-Interim policy.

Membership Dues & Annual Renewal Requirements

OG Canada Supporters and Classroom Educators

  • pay a one-time fee during the application process. 
  • Are not required to renew their memberships annually.
  • Receive a discount when upgrading to Practitioner Associate-Interim level.

Practitioner Associate-Interim level and above applications.

  • Pay a 1 time administration fee of $50 upon application.
  • Have their annual fees pro-rated upon application.
  • Maintain annual renewal requirements. 

For membership fees and annual renewal requirements visit our renewals page.

Taking your practice further

Math Specialty Certificate:

For Practitioners who also want to support children with math skill acquisition.


For those who have been practitioners for 5 years, have extensive experience and want to mentor new Practitioners.


Experienced Practitioners who want to support the community by providing accredited Practitioner and Classroom Educator level training.

Master Trainer:

Our highest level of membership. Master Trainers are highly experienced, accredited Trainers who support the next generation of Trainers.

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