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OG Training Grant

The OG Canada is pleased to announce a $500 education training grant, available to BC licensed elementary and learning resource teachers.

This one-time grant can be applied toward OG Canada accredited OG Practitioner, OG Practitioner Practicum, or OG Classroom Educator courses upon successful completion.

The purpose of this training grant is to provide opportunities for classroom and learning resource teachers to access accredited training in the Orton Gillingham / multisensory Language approach. To learn more about the Orton-Gillingham approach, and course offerings click here.

The Orton Gillingham method provides another valuable tool in a teacher's toolbox to work with children who have difficulty learning in the conventional way. These children puzzle educators with their hidden disabilities, and all too often fall through the cracks of the system and fail to reach their full potential. The Orton Gillingham approach is an important addition to a teacher's education in evidence-based instruction, which is necessary to assist children who have difficulty learning to read and gain literacy. OG Instruction also provides the structured literacy framework by which many general classroom teachers in primary grades can intervene with science-based reading and spelling instruction for all students in a Tier 1 / Response to Intervention setting.

Criteria for grant recipient selection

  • Must be a BC-licensed elementary classroom or learning resource teacher 
  • Will have successfully completed introductory OG/MSL coursework and be ready to complete OG training within the following year. 
  • Will be presently teaching in a teaching position supporting struggling learners with literacy in a classroom or resource setting.

Application package must include

  • Application letter introducing the teacher, the school and student population with which they teach, and the students who will benefit from the teacher’s continued OG coursework. 
  • Letter of support for grant applicant from the Administration or Head Teacher at the applicant’s school. 
  • Copy of BC Teacher Certificate or BCTF membership. 
  • Copy of completion certificate from Foundations or Principles of MSL coursework. 
Application packages must be received by December 15 of each year for consideration for the following year's award. Email applications to:
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